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"How come they never made a toy of that?"

Welcome to the NeverMade Toys web site, your home for eighties collectible toys that were never made!  I'm glad you're here.  :)

If you have found this place, it probably means that you are a child at heart, and that you are a lover and collector of toys.  That's great, because I am too!  And, if the question at the top of the page has ever crossed your mind while watching your favorite cartoon, TV show or movie, then you have definitely come to the right place.

NeverMade Toys is an exposé of all those toys you wish you could get of the characters on your favorite shows, but that, for some reason, were never made.

Nowadays, it seems that you can get not only toys of every character on every program, but also of characters that never appeared on the program.  Toys and mass marketing have proliferated nearly out of control.

But in the older, simpler days of the '80s, toys were less of a behemoth.  The shows promoting them were scaled down.  They had fewer, deeper characters, which made the toy lines much more manageable.

That isn't to say that there weren't still mass marketing principles at play then.  You could still find a good number of toys that were never referenced in any show or movie.  Check out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for example.  There were a number of toys in that line that never appeared in the show or comic book.

And then there were the toys that didn't have any kind of movie or TV promotion at all.  Take Fisher-Price's Adventure People™.  That was a very cool toy line that didn't appear in any movie or television program.

But this web site is dedicated to that realm of smaller, less-popular TV shows and toy lines that nevertheless had a dedicated following.  TV shows which had toy lines that, for some reason, left children asking "Why don't they make that?"

Since I grew up in the eighties, collectible toys from that era will be the focus of this web site.  But maybe, if I find good links to sites for toys from other eras, I'll post them here.

Now, feel free to browse around.  Find out which of the toys you always wanted were never made.

You can also learn which toys were never made and which toys were never released.  There is a difference.

So, please, enjoy your stay.  Dream with me as we explore the world of toys that were never made.

Centurions was a cartoon where several characters had no toys made of them.

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